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17 October 2009 @ 02:17 pm
Green Tea ♥  

Tea Time For the Body and Soul

Have a cup of tea for your health

A hot cup of tea can soothe and relax your body and help bring peace to the soul. But this soothing effect is just one of the benefits in a long list for green tea. All teas contain polyphenols -- naturally occurring compounds that are effective antioxidants for disease prevention and treatment of many health-related illnesses. But the level of polyphenols in Green Tea is higher than Oolong Tea and most commercial teas because it is steamed dry immediately after harvesting. Because Green Tea remains unoxidized, these unaltered polyphenols are its primary active ingredients and as a result, its health benefits have been documented by numerous scientific studies. According to the August 15, 2000 CNN report, scientists reported in the Archives of Dermatology that drinking four or more cups a day could help prevent skin cancer.1 [http://www.cnn.com/2000/HEALTH/cancer/08/15/greentea.cancer.reut/] The polyphenols can kill tumor cells and starve cancerous growths by limiting blood vessel growth around them. The benefits of green tea were also reported to be significant, if applied directly to the skin. It has been noted that Green Tea may help lower cholesterol and prevent heart disease, certain cancers, and dental cavities. Several studies have pointed to green tea’s ability to protect skin from UV damage; fight bacteria and viruses; and may aid weight loss. Recent animal studies have shown that green tea extracts protect against cancers of lung, breast, prostate, liver, skin, esophagus and colon. Thus, green tea could be a healthy and relaxing alternative to sodas, but you should remember that all teas contain caffeine, unless they are decaffeinated. You should also note that decaffeinated green teas may contain less polyphenols depending on the method of decaffeinating.

article from http://www.sunpowerusa.com

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For my friend Aman, lover of tea and coffee ♥

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